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The Rogue Report is UPWAG's quarterly newszine. All prices below include postage. To order back issues, send a check or international money order to:

PO Box 21146
RPO Meadowvale
Mississauga, ON
L5N 6A2

Want to write for The Rogue Report? You don't have to be a UPWAG member to contribute, and you can get a free contributor's copy! See our submission guidelines.

June 1999 cover Highlander meets Star Wars

Issue 5 - JUNE 1999
40 pages, photocopied, color front and back cover
CAN$9 in Canada, US$7 in the US, US$9 elsewhere
(20 copies in stock)

The Four Horsemen issue!

  • huge Chronicles '99 con report featuring transcripts of Peter's two Q&As and the Q&A with Peter, Valentine Pelka and Stan Kirsch
  • excerpts from the Four Horsemen Q&A with Peter, Valentine Pelka, Richard Ridings and Marcus Testory
  • approximately 40 photos from the con (most with Peter, of course!), including Peter, Valentine, Richard and Marcus exchanging gifts; Valentine Pelka's Four Horsemen artwork; and Peter and Stan Kirsch "beheading" each other
  • "Two Horsemen and a Remote Control": watching "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6:8" at ACCESS con with Peter and Valentine Pelka and their running commentary
  • a shameless attempt to plug into the Star Wars hype: back-cover color cartoon of the Chronicles '99 guests as Star Wars characters by Leah Rosenthal
  • bonus insert: a copy of the program for Waiting for Lefty, a theatrical reading Peter did soon after the con

Cover photo: Ann Wortham / Visit the Ashton Press website to see more of Annie's con pics.

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March 1999 cover

Issue 4 - MARCH 1999
30 pages, photocopied, color front cover
CAN$6.50 in Canada, US$5 in the US, US$6.50 elsewhere

The "Made in Canada" issue!

  • see Peter play with is food and find new places to sprawl in our Highlander Clan Cruise reports
  • read a transcript of Peter's appearance on the Gabereau Live talk show
  • visit a Strange World in our character profiles and episode guide to Peter's new series
  • find out how Cold Squad characters compare to real Canadian cops
  • look back at Peter's Sentinel and Viper appearances in our new "Archive" column
  • giggle at Leah Rosenthal's new Cold Squad cartoon

Cover photo: Wendy Carpenter /

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