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Methos Quotes T-shirt

"Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Methos"

We asked fans to choose 10-15 favorite Methos quotes to go on our "words of advice from Methos" t-shirt. Here are the top 10 picks plus the runners up.

10. Have a drink. You'll feel better.
(Forgive Us Our Trespasses, 12 votes)

9. Start small and build.
(Revelation 6:8, 12 votes)

8. Does the term "self-preservation" mean anything to you?
(One Minute to Midnight, 12 votes)

7. I know when it's time to disappear.
(Comes a Horseman, 13 votes)

6. I'm easily amused.
(Indiscretions, 14 votes)

5. You can spend your life dying, or you can spend it living.
(Timeless, 14 votes)

4. The alternative is unthinkable.
(Timeless, 14 votes)

3. We write history so that we can live with it.
(Through a Glass Darkly, 15 votes)

2. Live, grow stronger, fight another day.
(Methos, 16 votes)

1. It's good to be a myth.
(Methos, 17 votes)



  • The world doesn’t change. Not in 500 years. Not in 5000. It's only the details that change. (Revelation 6:8)


  • If I'm gonna die, you're gonna pay me for it. (Till Death)
  • It is the ultimate in arrogance to think one person can alter the course of history. (Valkyrie)
  • I'm all for choices. (Comes a Horseman)


  • It's a hell of a thing to be a martyr. (Finale)
  • I didn't last 5000 years by worrying about anyone but myself. (Chivalry)
  • We are all both — good and evil. We have rage and compassion. We have love and hate. Murder and forgiveness. (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)
  • There are some questions about life only the dead can answer. (Modern Prometheus)


  • Lure him outside and take his head. Problem solved. (Through a Glass Darkly)


  • Yak butter plays hell with the digestion. (Messenger)
  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Messenger)


  • Mi casa es su casa. (Methos)
  • Civilizations rise and fall. (Finale)
  • Cut clean. (Methuselah's Gift)
  • We all have things in our past we wish we hadn't done. (Through a Glass Darkly)
  • Don't stay in any hotel that Adam Pierson could afford. (Till Death)
  • Bora Bora is very nice this time of year. (Judgment Day)
  • It's nice to feel wanted. (Comes a Horseman)


  • Paris is too full of Parisians. (Timeless)
  • You have to love someone a hell of a lot to be with them 300 years. (Till Death)
  • Don't get between a married couple. (Till Death)
  • We all have mistakes to forgive. (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)


  • It's the legend that really matters. (Through a Glass Darkly)
  • If only I'd known then what I know now. (To Be)/p>
  • People... die. Immortals... die. (To Be)


  • There's one born every minute. (Messenger)
  • To make great music, you have to experience life. (Modern Prometheus)
  • You keep your eyes to yourself. (Not to Be)


  • Immortals are part of the truth. (Finale)
  • Don't hate yourself. (Revelation 6:8)
  • A sloppy Watcher's a dead Watcher. (Indiscretions)


  • Sometimes the man is not as strong as the music. (Modern Prometheus)
  • Remember the Alamo. (Indiscretions)

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