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UPWAG Logo Design

When we first decided to design a logo, members were vague on specific ideas but we favored a corporate/modern/graphic look instead of a fannish one. Some other guidelines we kept in mind:

  • The logo design must work in black and white as well as color. A line graphic would probably work best instead of a design using shades of gray.
  • The design must work on a small scale (e.g. a pin) as well as a large scale (e.g. on a t-shirt). This can be done two ways. First, keep the design relatively simple. Or, second, make two variations of the logo — a simple version and a more intricate version.

First ideas...

Welsh manuscript ring

Mel suggested incorporating a design similar to one on a Welsh manuscript ring into the logo: "The ring itself could represent the circle of support we have here for our favorite Welshman."

Morgan suggested putting the pattern in a circular or oval shape, with the club's initials in the center and using the goldtone color.

Mel suggested green as a logo color — to match Peter's eyes.

Sharon suggested not defining any particular color for the logo. Instead, make the basic design black and have to background take on different colors depending on context (e.g. different color t-shirts, or gold or silver on a pin).

Galadriel's design

Galadriel describes the idea behind her design: "Now, we know that Peter is more than Methos, but let's face it, Methos is the role that caught our attention. So keep Methos in mind when you look at this logo.

Black and white design

"Methos is the 5000-year-old man who blends in by staying current. Current music, current haircut... thus a strikingly modern design for the logo. Methos is also an enigma in many ways. He has many layers and levels — like peeling back the skin on an onion, or invisible like an illusion...

Patterned background
The logo with the Celtic bracelet pattern as background

"Your eye will be drawn to the dark areas of the logo and your mind will process it as nonsense. The key to this little illusion is to look past the dark spaces and see the white spaces in between. Once you have, you won't believe how clear it is.

Colored abstract background

"[The original design is] done in black and white, but should you want to go with color, as long as you use a single color for the shaded areas, it should still work."

Of the designs above, Mel prefers the one with the Celtic bracelet pattern. Lorna prefers the plain black and white version; the Celtic pattern looks a bit busy. Lorna also made a suggestion to use the Celtic pattern inside the letters instead of around the letters.

Sharon's design

This design uses Galadriel's idea of dark and white spaces and reverses but applies them to a graphic instead of text. Peter's profile was chosen as the basis of the graphic because Sharon likes Peter's profile.

The graphic also emphasizes that the club is focused on a person (Peter) and/or people (club  members). Another idea Sharon had was to extend the arms of the "W" upwards into a "wing" design, but it was discarded as being too obvious (wing/wingfield) and didn't say anything about the club — a wing wouldn't mean anything to people who didn't know Peter's name, but the profile lets people know that the club is about a person, even if they don't know who that person is. (Hopefully, they will be intrigued enough to want to find out who that person is!)

The font for the UPWAG letters were chosen out of laziness :-) since it's the font already being used on the website and would require minimum updates to the website's design.

The designs were done in black and white because the logo has to work in black and white. If a color design is needed, ideally, any color(s) could be chosen to fit where the logo will be used.

Black and white design

The main logo design. The club's full name is spelled out because a lot of people might not know what UPWAG stands for.

Vertical variation

A smaller, simpler and vertical version of the logo.

Rogue Report masthead

A way to incorporate the logo into the Rogue Report masthead so that the club logo and the newsletter have similar looks.

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