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UPWAG was formed in April 1998 by Angela Harris:

This club was started because I wanted to actively promote Peter's career while at the same time doing something for the community at large.

Since then UPWAG members have participated in a letter-writing campaign to Davis/Panzer Productions showing support for a spinoff about Peter's Highlander character, Methos; raised over $100 for charity at an ACCESS convention room party in August 1998; and tracked down several of Peter's hard-to-find earlier works.

UPWAG is not officially sanctioned by Peter, but he does know about us and receives our newsletter and updates on our activities.

Who we are...

UPWAG is a democratic, nonprofit, volunteer-run club. Since our membership is far apart — we have members in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe — we hold virtual meetings on our mailing list where everyone has an opportunity to discuss and vote on club policies and activities.

What we do...

UPWAG has a free eGroups mailing list where fans can chat about Peter and his career. Everyone is welcome to join in.

UPWAG publishes The Rogue Report, a quarterly newszine with articles, photos and artwork about Peter and his many roles.


UPWAG has two levels of membership:

Online Membership is free. All members have access to UPWAG resources and activities. Our online members participate in the club through our mailing list.

Regular Membership costs between US $20-23 depending on what country the member is in. Members receive four issues of The Rogue Report and our membership kit, which consists of a members handbook (which has Peter's bio, filmography and info about member services) and a video sampler of Peter's work. To sign up, print out and mail our membership application.

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