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Pete Wingfield - a Career to Admire

William Peter Pete Wingfield is a keyboard player, singer, English record producer and a music journalist. Born on May 7th, 1948 he has been part of sessions with numerous blues, rocks, R & B acts among them are Van Morrison, Freddie King, Jimmy Witherspoon and the Hollies. In addition to this he was a member of the Olympic runners. He was a regular with the music industry in London and this is from the early to the mid of 1970's. His fame in the eyes of the public got a much needed boost, from his single "Eighteen with a bullet" for island in the year 1975.

Early career

He was a believer of soul music along with American R & B and learned to play piano at a young age. His deep roots in soul music was enough to lead him to a career of music journalist in his teenage days. He went on to be a leader of a group referred to as Pete's disciples. He went on to study at Sussex university where he along with his fellow mates John Best(Bass) Paul Butler(guitar) coupled with expertise of a local teacher Chris Walters (drum) lead to formation of blues band known as Jellybread

He was not only restricted to playing all the electronic keyboards of the band, Wingfield went on to handle all signing formalities. They had enough confidence in the ability of his work in recording an album for their own label of Liphook which had its inception, for the demo pertaining to Blue Horizon label and signed them in 1970. Despite having good reviews, success eluded the group despite a concentrated effort which forced Wingfield to leave the group. By 1971, he had sessions with Graham Bond (one-time Blues bandleader) and Top Topham( ex-guitarist of Yardbirds) He ended up playing on the records of Nazareth, Memphis Slim along with Lightnin Slim and in the meantime played with B. B king on their London album.

Eighteen with a bullet

On both sides of the Atlantic with a single chart in 1975, Wingfield stuck jackpot. This worked out to be a doo poo number developed on word play with a hit record chart position. It was a bullet and that too in record chart parlance depicting a scenario where a song moved up and down the chart busters. It went on to make a mark in Billboard 100 chart on 23rd August in 1975. This continued till the period of November 22nd 1975.

The song went on to retain its reputation by charting at no 18 with a bullet. By a week it went on to touch no 15. In the UK singles chart it also went on to reach no 7. It was taken from the album The Breakfast 7. In the days to come this single chart also become a part of the soundtrack of Stock and Two Smoking Barrels along with Lock (Both these films are of 1998)

Later part of his career

In the later stages of his career, Peter Wingfield went on to play piano for Alan Parsons rhythm with Pete Moss on guitar at Abbey road studios. This was done for Paul McCartney and Dexys Midnight runners. In the year 1977 his song "Making a good thing better" appeared on the same name as Olivia New John's album. He also went on to play keyboard with the Hollies during the period between 1975 to 1980.

In 1978, he formulated an extraordinary cult dance, for Patti LaBelle. In the year 1980 he went on to team up with Mel Brooks a noted film producer and composed the songs "To be or not to be" and "It is good to be a king". It was in 1985, he produced Bad and Lowdown gang that was the debut of Kane Gang. After three years his credits related to production appeared on the Proclaimers the top 20 hits in the UK. Pete Wingfield played at the 1974 Montreux Jazz festival which was among the two shows that featured on the DVD collection of Morrison in the year 2006. With Morrison's band he also went on to undertake a summer tour of Europe. Incidentally it featured the songs from the latter's album of 1979 titled into the music. This began with the reunion shows of 1983, Wingfield went on spend 18 years handling the keyboard work with the Everly brothers. Song of Pasadenas , 1988 termed as Tribute ( right on) was also composed by Pete Wingfield.

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