"Mijn thuis is waar m'n Stella staat."
— Peter Wingfield as "Bertie"

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Stella Artois

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Stella Artois "Easy Rider" commercial

Character: Nerdy Bertie
Fashion statement: Those round-framed glasses from Medics pop up again and the first appearance of that oh-so-sexy Wingfield As Drowned Rat wet look
Deathless dialogue: Actually, the only dialogue... Mijn thuis is waar m'n Stella staat.

Stella Artois logo

Originally made and aired sometime in 1994, the commercial for Belgian lager Stella Artois resurfaced again on Belgian TV in 1997. Of course, eager fans taped it and soon copies of the ad were wending their way across Europe and North America. Vicki, an especially diligent fan and sometime reader of this webpage, managed to contact the TV station that aired the ad and secure a copy of it from the station's master tape.

Peter's character in the commercial has been nicknamed "Bertie" by fans since Bert is a common Belgian name. The language in the ad is Flemish, one of Belgium's two official languages (the other is French). Peter actually spoke Flemish when filming the ad but apparently his pronunciation wasn't good enough to satisfy the powers that be, so the one line he uttered was dubbed in the aired version of the commercial.

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