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Character: Teal'c taunting Tanith
Fashion statement: Poofy blow-dried hairdo in "Exodus"
Deathless dialogue: TBA

In fourth-season's "Crossroads," his first Stargate episode, Peter played an alien named Hebron who volunteered to accept what he thought was a symbiotic joining with an alien worm-thing. The joining would turn him into a rebel Goa'uld — actually known as the Tok'ra because they just hate to be associated with their evil relatives, y'know. But unbeknownst to poor Hebron, the worm-thing was really a bad Goa'uld and was only pretending to be good in order to infiltrate the Tok'ra. So the joining was actually parasitic, and Hebron's personality was consumed. We know this because he suddenly has the urge to change his name to Tanith. Got all that? Neither did I, and I'd seen around 10 episodes of Stargate before watching this.

hEire Ammat Daenoch passes on these behind-the-scenes tidbits:

29 March 2000 — Got a killer scoop for you all today... My brother just got home from working a 14-hour shift on Stargate SG-1. Can we guess who the guest star is this episode? Hmmmmm... why would I be writing if it was anyone other than Peter?! I'm extremely jealous! He's working there again tomorrow... the little brat.

He said Peter was just about the nicest guy he'd ever met. He also asked him about the Methos Chronicles — Peter said it's still up in the air, but a distinct possibility.

This SG-1 episode is called "Crossroads" and Peter plays an alien of some sort named Hebron. Today some strange "thing" forced his way into Peter's throat. Lovely, I'm sure.

Lastly, just 'cause strange fan girls care about this sort of info — Peter had a chocolate chip or blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Peter shot his second Stargate episode, "Exodus" during the week of October 2, 2000. Peter was supposed to return to be killed off but the writers changed their minds. (Hello? Doesn't that sound familiar? That's what happened with "Finale," Methos' second appearance in Highlander.) Stargate writer Joseph Mallozzi says, "Yes, Peter Wingfield will be back before season's end. And, yes, it would be satisfying to let Teal'c have his revenge. But, on the other hand, Tanith is such a devilishly cool villain I, personally, am loathe to kill him off..."

Unfortunately, because of the way Stargate (and most TV series) is made, filming schedules aren't set in stone, so guest-star actors are often required to be available for the whole week of filming even if they will actually only be working for one day. Peter and the Stargate producers were unable to come to an agreement about relaxing that rule so Peter could work elsewhere on the days he wasn't shooting Stargate, so they decided to kill Tanith off.

Peter last appearances are in the 5th season episodes "Between Two Fires" and (in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene which actually uses footage shot for a previous Tanith episode) "48 Hours."

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