"We blew it up."
— Peter Wingfield as Scott Bruenell

Wingfield Dr Helm

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The Sentinel

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The Sentinel

Character: Aussie thief Scott Bruenell
Fashion statement: Who knew workman's coveralls could be so sexy?
Deathless dialogue: Can I get a beer?

"Who is this handsome guy? Oh! It's me!"

Peter appeared in the "Foreign Exchange" episode of The Sentinel playing the arch nemesis of a female Australian cop who was joining the cast of the show in that episode. His lines were few and far between (and so was his Australian accent), but he did have plenty of opportunities to fire guns, swing his fists and even hang-glide — well, pretend to, although since Peter has parachuted in real life, maybe he'll take up hang-gliding sometime!

What can we say about Scott Bruenell? Is he Methos gone bad again? Consider the evidence...

  • One of the first lines Bruenell utters is to order a beer. One of the first lines Methos ever utters is to offer Duncan MacLeod a beer.
  • It looks like Bruenell plans to steal money from the mint, but unbeknownst to his fellow crooks, he's not after the money, but the printing plates. In "Revelation 6:8" it looks like Methos has joined Kronos' gang, but unbeknownst to his fellow Horsemen, he leaves behind clues for MacLeod to trace him.
  • Bruenell's escape is foiled by Aussie cop Megan confronting him next to his getaway van. Methos seems to like confrontations next to vehicles — the trains in "Methuselah's Gift," the Jimmy in "Comes a Horseman," the Range Rover in "Indiscretions."
  • In the climactic fight with Megan, Bruenell pulls out a hidden knife. In "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," Methos pulls out a hidden knife and stabs Steven Keane.

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