"Now, sir, gimme the cyber razor cut."
— Peter Wingfield in Sega's "Cyber Razor Cut" commercial

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Sega "Cyber Razor Cut" and "Howdedodat?" commercials

Character: Jimmy, the video-game addict
Fashion statement: That Marlboro Man mirror-shades, tanned, bare-chested look.
Deathless dialogue: Some days... you make all the right moves.

From "Howdedodat?" Peter as the Marlboro man in Guadix, Spain.

From "Cyber Razor Cut." Cute hairstyle, dude!

The quest to find Peter's earlier work has always been filled with strange coincidences. For example, the "Alex" episode of Medics was on a leftover part of a tape that a fan had used to tape another show. The Sega video game commercials Peter did in 1992-93 have been long sought after. Sega spent several million pounds on the commercials to make Peter their spokesperson. There are at least three, possibly four or five, including one with Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog!

Once, one of them was discovered on a videotape, but the quality wasn't good enough to dub. But good things come to those who wait.

A fan of the Sega ads (amazingly enough, there are people who are fans of TV commercials...) contacted our Abby and passed on the URL for Geoff Boyle's website. Geoff was the director of photography on two of the Sega ads and has a website showcasing his work — which includes screen captures as well as QuickTime 4 videos of Peter's commercials.

Check them out below (keep drool napkins nearby) and see why little kids used to chase Peter down the street when these originally aired!

Official sites

Sega Cyber Razor Cut
On Geoff Boyle's website. Screencaps and QuickTime 4 videos.

Sega Game Gear Howdedodat?
On Geoff Boyle's website. Screencaps and QuickTime 4 videos.

Fan sites

Sega commercials screencaps
If you can't view QuickTime, a fan has helpfully provided screencaps.

Have I missed a good site? E-mail me!


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