"Squadron Leader Wingfield"
— Valentine Pelka's nickname for Peter Wingfield

Wingfield Dr Helm

w o r k s


Over Here

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Over Here

Character: Uptight Wing Commander Ian Tully
Fashion statement: Hitler hairdo (a wig and not Peter' real hair — thank goodness!)
Deathless dialogue: TBA

"Oooh, I think I've sucked enough lemons for today."

Over Here is a comedy drama about British and American soldiers sharing a British army base during WWII. Though individual scenes are well-written, the juxtaposition of hilarity with somber meditations on war ultimately gives the miniseries a disjointed feel.

Peter plays a relatively small supporting role whose main function is comedy relief. Tully is a by-the-book buffoon who is awkward around women and has uncontrolable erections at inopportune moments (prompting one wise-cracking fan to ask Peter at a convention how he prepared for the role!).

(above) The fan-nicknamed "Tully face." After seeing Peter in Over Here, Valentine Pelka (Kronos from Highlander) nicknamed him Squadron Leader Wingfield because he looked like a comic book character Val remembered from his youth!

Over Here was broadcast in the U.S. as Over There.

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