"Awwww... mum!"
— Peter Wingfield as Tom Walton

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The Men's Room

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The Men's Room
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The Men's Room

Character: Rebellious teenager Tom Walton
Fashion statement: Is there such a thing as too-tight jeans?
Deathless dialogue: TBA

Got milk?

My first impression of The Men's Room was of a totally boring and confusing miniseries about a widower (or divorced) man and the widow (or divorced woman) he has an affair with. (That's how boring it was — I can't remember!) I later found out that the video floating around fandom consisted of only the episodes with Peter, not the entire miniseries — no wonder I couldn't follow the plot!

Peter plays the woman's eldest son and has three small, but memorable (for fans anyway) scenes.

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Methosluvr's Methos Page
Includes a few screencaps from Men's Room.


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