"I met this woman..."
— Peter Wingfield as Alex Taylor

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Character: Med student Alex Taylor
Fashion statement: Earring
Deathless dialogue: I'm outta here.

Observing Julia's counseling session

Medics was Peter's first series and first major professional role.

While Peter was attending Guildhall School of Music and Drama, playwright Allan Cubitt won an award, the prize of which was that the drama school would produce and premiere a new play for him. Cubitt wrote a play about a doctor suffering from a brain tumor, set at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London. Since Peter did his clinical training at St. Bart's, he got to know Cubitt well, and consequently many of their conversations about medicine ended up in Cubitt's play.

Cubitt later went on to write the first-season finale of Medics, titled "Alex." The episode was Peter's chance to shine as it centers around his character, med student Alex Bernhard Taylor, and he is in almost every scene. Cubitt again drew on Peter's med school experiences when writing the episode. Peter says, "There's a lot of stuff in there [laughs] that actually happened... some real events in my life." (Needless to say, I will refrain from speculating on exactly what those, erm, "real events" are....)

Peter appeared again in the second year of Medics — four out of six episodes — before leaving the series for good. The character of Alex, however, remained, played by a different actor.

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