"I'm offering them victory over the humans."
— Peter Wingfield as Dr. Rook

Wingfield Dr Helm

w o r k s


First Wave

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First Wave

First Wave

Character: Evil alien Dr. Rook
Fashion statement: White lab coat
Deathless dialogue: Shoot, Cade! (over and over and over...)

Peter appeared in the "Shadowland" episode of First Wave. Peter played a Dr. Rook (a bad guy, of course, not to mention ANOTHER doctor role... AAARRGGGHHH). The episode was filmed during the week of 14 August 2000.

The premise of First Wave is that aliens are covertly invading the Earth and... only Cade Foster can stop them!!! The aliens murdered his wife but (naturally) the police thinks he did it. No one believes his story except for his trusty sidekick Crazy Eddie — a quirky (naturally) computer hacker. The aliens arrival was prophesized in the books of Nostradamus, and Cade uses the prophecies of Nostradamus to give him clues about what the aliens are doing and how to stop them.

Official sites

Sci-Fi Channel's First Wave
Cade's Journal entries, Crazy Eddie's Paranoid Times articles, character and actor profiles, pictures and wallpaper, discussion board.

Pearson TV's First Wave
Behind the scenes (interviews & videoclips of the cast and crew); character, actor & crew profiles; picture gallery; episode guide and more.

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That Highlander connection

Jim Byrnes also appears in "Shadowland" — but not as a bartender — and the episode was scripted by Highlander writer David Tynan, who also wrote another First Wave episode called, coincidentally, "Comes a Horseman."
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