"I'm disappointed in you, Sergeant."
— Peter Wingfield as Simon Ross

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Cold Squad

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Cold Squad

Character: Inspector Simon Ross
Fashion statement: Grey suits, navy suits, black suits (you get the idea...)
Deathless dialogue: I'm asking you to do your job!

On Monday, June 22, 1998, Peter started shooting the second season of the Vancouver-based police series, Cold Squad. He played Inspector Simon Ross, head of the Cold Squad, in 14 of the 15 second-season episodes and in the first two episodes of season three. Here's the series premise from the Cold Squad website:

In the police world, a file is either "hot" or "cold." A "hot" murder file means you have a warm body and a suspect, opportunity and a motive, evidence and the will to prosecute. Without these the file is kicked down to the Cold Squad. The Cold Squad is a burial ground for burnt out investigators and unsolved crimes. Things start to change when Homicide Detective Ali McCormick comes on board. Assembling a group of specialists with a wide variety of skills McCormick's team uses high-tech computer systems, psychological profiling, recent advances in the forensic sciences, particularly DNA evidence, and good old-fashioned police work to shed light on the cold cases and assist the Homicide Department in solving these puzzles. No criminal is safe. No trail is too cold for the Cold Squad.

Official sites
Episode guide, cast bios, pictures and wallpaper, message board. Bios and pictures are of the season 3-4 cast only.

Atlantis Alliance's Cold Squad site
Cast bios and episode guide for seasons 1-2.

Fan sites

Cold Squad Scripts
Complete scripts for "Jane Doe, Part 1" and "Nancy Seniuk."

Cold Squad - Peter Wingfield
Screen captures of Peter from "Jane Doe, Part 1," "Jane Doe, Part 2" and "Douglas Somerset."

Cold Squad Fan Fiction
Mostly stories about Ali and Inspector Ross.

MizPrker's Cold Files
Fan fiction, articles on the show and real cold files, links to other fan sites. Hasn't been updated in a while.

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