"Show me those alabaster orbs."
— Peter Wingfield as Denver Lane

Wingfield Dr Helm

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The Chris Isaak Show

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The Chris Isaak Show

Character: Auctioneer and antiques expert Denver Lane
Fashion statement: Oooohhh... look at the lovely wavy hair — and so much of it!
Deathless dialogue: Show me those alabaster orbs.

Peter plays auctioneer and antique collector Denver Lane on an episode of this Showtime series. According to Chris Isaak's official website:

The Chris Isaak Show takes an irreverent look at the sexy, outrageous world of rock music. Featuring Chris, portraying himself, his real life band members and an ensemble of created characters, the stories will offer a fanciful mix of fact and fiction. Viewers will follow Chris on the road, into the studio and even onto his surfboard as he tries to live an ordinary life despite his very extraordinary profession.

The series is written and produced by Emmy Award-winning writers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, known for Northern Exposure, Dangerous Minds and, if you're a genre fan, Alien Nation (the series).

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Chris Isaak's Official Site

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Chris Isaak Show screencaps
Eng has posted tons of screencaps and QuickTime videos of Peter's scenes.

Winging It Chris Isaak screencaps
Where I found the screencap above.

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