"Wingfield hardly appears."
Xposé #48, Aug 2000

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"Crossroads" review
by Paul Spragg
Xposé 48
August 2000

The arrival from Chulak of Shan'auc, a woman from Teal'c's past, leads to a revelation that it may be possible to communicate with a Goa'uld larva and convert them to the way of good.

This is turning into a very disappointing year, because somewhere between seasons the action content of Stargate SG-1 seems to have vanished. Like the last two episodes, it's biggest failing is a complete inability to make any noticeable story progress for at least half an hour. By the time anything does occur, the viewer has long since worked out what it's going to be and there's hardly any time left for it to happen.

There's a good guest cast involved with "Crossroads," with sci-fi veterans Vanessa Angel, Musetta Vander and Peter Wingfield all putting in appearances. However, they barely register as characters. Shan'auc's past with Teal'c is touched on but never fully explained, Angel's Anise is still stand-offish and unlikeable after her first appearance last episode, and Wingfield hardly appears.

Teal'c's desire to leave is clearly never going to happen, the requisite deaths occur, and SG-1 have little to do except complain that the Tok'ra never tell them anything. Maybe this is all building to some major event, but at the moment it seems as if the writers are content to run on the spot.

2 stars

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