"The poor doctor is so tortured."
— Tessie Santiago in TV Zone, 9 Nov2000

Wingfield Dr Helm

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"Royal flush"
by Marc Shapiro
Starlog #280
November 2000


To the hilt

... Great pains are being taken to make the Queen more than a masked woman with a sword. "Romance is definitely a possibility. Tessa is a woman who wants to be in love," [Tessie] Santiago says. "We've already had one of her ex-lovers appear on the show, and my character certainly has an interesting relationship with Dr. Helm. There's an obvious attraction between the two. He dislikes Tessa because she's a spoiled aristocrat and he hates the Queen's guts because she kills people. There's flirting one minute and yelling the next; there's a definite love-hate relationship between them. I don't know where they plan on taking that."

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