"... Doctor Robert Helm, played by Peter Wingfield; no stranger to a sword himself..."
Xposé Special #13, 5 Oct 2000

Wingfield Dr Helm

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"Royal swordness"
by Judy Sloane
Xposé Special #13
5 October 2000


... Tessa finds an unlikely comrade in an English doctor, Robert Helm (played by Peter Wingfield), a former soldier who's now vowed to save lives instead of taking them. He's fascinated by the Queen of Swords, but despises the violence that she uses to achieve justice. "That's an interesting relationship," comments [Tessie] Santiago, "because it's a love-hate relationship. Dr Helm admires the Queen, but he doesn't understand why she has to kill, he is so totally against that. So he gets very angry with her and he hates her at times, but there is an obvious attraction between them. She does kill people, but it's never out of rage, it's always because she's defending herself. She's not a killer, and when she does kill people she feels very guilty. Dr Helm is really annoyed by Tessa, the spoiled aristocrat, but he's still attracted to her, and you don't know if he really knows the truth."

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