"Peter Wingfield (clinical, efficient, starched cotton)"
The Independent, 16 Sep 1997

Wingfield Dr Helm

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"Saturday premiere: Ark sails on without Archers' cad"
by Alison Boshoff
The Daily Telegraph
24 January 1998

Simon Pemberton may be booking his flight back from the Middle East to Ambridge. Pemberton, famously described as "a shit" by Anna Ford, disappeared from the Radio 4 serial after beating up girlfriend, Debbie Aldridge. In real life, Peter Wingfield, the actor who plays Pemberton, left because he wanted to launch a television career, starting with Carlton's Noah's Ark. Now I learn that the drama, starring Anton Rogers as a vet, has had a second series commissioned. But Mr. Wingfield, who played the vet's city slicker son, will not be in it for reasons some waspishly suggest are down to his performance. A Carlton spokesman said: "I can confirm that the character is not returning, but I do not know why."

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