"... after working such a lot around animals I think I'm starting to be less allergic..."
— Peter Wingfield in The Daily Telegraph, 27 Aug 1997

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"Archers hate figure may stay in exile"
by Alison Boshoff
The Daily Telegraph
27 August 1997

The actor who plays Simon Pemberton, the ruthless landlord from The Archers, is starting a career in television after his radio character went to the Middle East to escape recriminations after beating his girlfriend.

Peter Wingfield, whose character was described by Anna Ford as "a bit of a shit," is to play a vet's son in a rural television drama. he will star alongside Anton Rodgers in Noah's Ark, a six-part ITV series about a veterinary practice, from Sept 8. Friends of Mr. Wingfield, who is on holiday, said that his career with The Archers was on hold, perhaps permanently, while he moved into television.

Mr. Wingfield said he had auditioned for the television role despite being allergic to animals. "Fortunately my asthma medication kept the symptoms at bay during filming and after working such a lot around animals I think I'm starting to be less allergic to them." In The Archers, Pemberton appeared in court and admitted assaulting Debbie Aldridge. He was given a conditional discharge and has settled in the Middle East.

His attempt to evict the Grundys made him something of a national hate figure and Miss Ford was censured by the Broadcasting Standards Council after her outburst on the Today programme.

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