"It was just like old times — me and Adrian and Jim... rewriting the script."
— Peter Wingfield in Starburst, 5 Oct 2000

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"Game, set & match"
by John Mosby
Dreamwatch #74
November 2000


... Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield ('Watcher' Joe Dawson and enigmatic Immortal Methos respectively in the series) also make small but important appearances in Endgame.

"It is somewhat a pivotal part of the story," Byrnes agrees. "Everyone said that they wanted Joe in there. They wanted ideas from the show, particularly the Watchers and some of the dramatic conflicts that had grown from the series, rather than it just being strictly action. In the industry there can be a certain bias against television actors appearing in films, but Miramax found out the extent of the following that Joe and Methos had and stepped back from any recasting."

"The presense of Joe and Methos are significant in their presence, rather than what they actually do," Wingfield agrees. "There's a deliberate attempt to show Duncan MacLeod's world, which was established over six years of the television series."

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