"I never thought there would be a time when I pined for the... French."
— Peter Wingfield in Xposé, August 2000

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"Princes of the Universe"
by Grant Kempster
Xposé 48
August 2000


... I was here to witness something that fans of Highlander would kill for — the filming of what many are calling the final chapter of the franchise, and the transition of its TV star to the big screen. In particular, the scene they would be shooting today is one where Connor and Duncan MacLeod meet again after 10 years. It would also include two of the TV show's other main characters, Methos and Joe. Dictaphone at the ready, in-between takes, I approach, interview, and where possible, keep warm.

"I never thought there would be a time when I pined for the calmness and organizational skills of the French," quips Peter Wingfield, known to many as the oldest Immortal still alive, Methos. "It's just very confused here, you have many different people talking in different languages and it just makes the simplest things really difficult to happen."

Within the confines of the story, Methos and his Watcher buddy Joe Dawson are included as a bridge between the two worlds of the series and the movies, supplying both recognition and plot exposition.

"He is as ever the provider of great wisdom and depth," Wingfield confirms with a twinkle in his eye. "[He] gives the movie a bit of class and the usual stuff. Duncan comes to see him because he's concerned about Connor, so Methos listens in his sympathetic manner because he always likes it when MacLeod has a problem. Then Methos and Joe just bail him out of trouble, the ususal deal, his friends bring up the cavalry."

So no change there then, Methos is the same old enigmatic character, and is Joe still getting involved in things he shouldn't?

"Oh yeah, he's still a busy-body," Jim Byrnes, who plays Dawson, admits, "breaking all the rules, you know, he's just being the same old guy."

For all intents and purposes, watching the scenes played out time and time again in the first half of the morning shoot with Adrian, Peter and Jim, you'd almost imagine you were watching an episode of the incredibly successful TV series being filmed. In the short moment that they all spend in the same scene, the chemistry which has been built up over the last eight years is clearly evident.

"We had dinner the other night," Byrnes recollects, "and it was just like, you know, when you haven't seen someone in five years or 20 years and you sit down with them and you're right back in the middle of the conversation, so we haven't lost a beat really."

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