"Peter Wingfield... is very physically adept."
— F. Braun McAsh (Highlander swordmaster), 1998

Wingfield Dr Helm

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"Screen blades: Sword choreography in movies and TV: Conversations with Bob Anderson, Anthony De Longis, F. Braun McAsh, Mark Ryan, Tony Swatton and Terry Walsh"
by Abbie Bernstein
Eon Magazine
circa 1998


McAsh rates De Longis as one of the best guests Highlander ever had; he has a few other favorites as well: "Tony De Longis [is] the first person who comes to mind with the greatest amount of knowledge and weapons skills. Valentine Pelka [recurring villain Kronos] is certified by the British Society of Fight Directors and is extremely good with the sword. David Robb, who played Kalas, was also trained and experienced. Peter Wingfield [recurring 5,000-year-old Methos], although he had no experience [since school] with a sword, has been trained with a sword and is very physically adept. Wolfgang Bodison, who played Cord in 'Brothers in Arms,' had three fights, two swordfights and a knife fight. He had never touched a bladed weapon in his life prior to being on Highlander and yet his fights were so good, he had such natural ability and such control over his body that two of his fights are on my [choreography] demonstration reel."

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