"Simon isn't Bad. He's just misunderstood."
— Peter Wingfield in the Ambridge Village Voice

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"Joe's dream come true (almost)"
BBC website
circa summer 1998

It's probably Joe Grundy's wildest dream to own a pub, but the closest he's ever likely to get is through his alter ego Edward Kelsey. Ted plays the landlord of The Bowling Green Inn, the local pub in the TV series Noah's Ark, which is back for a new run from Friday 18 September (oddly enough, Joe birthday).

This isn't the only Ambridge connection with the drama, which stars Anton Rogers as a country vet. His co-star is Angela Thorne, who appeared in The Archers as the deacon who married Ruth and David. And the last series featured Peter Wingfield, known to Archers listeners as the unpleasant Simon Pemberton.

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