"Peter Wingfield gives his thigh a Bavarian wallop."
The Guardian, 2 April 1996

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by Peter Kingston
The Guardian
2 April 1996

It's amazing what you pick up at 4 pm in the public school staff room. The bourbon bickies are being handed round, braised tea bags being put back in the box for another time, and everyone is mellowing out. It's been a tough afternoon session for those of us on the panel of guests who've been giving careers advice to the gilded youth of the lower sixth. Inevitably talk turns to The Archers. And pretty soon it hones in on The Slap. And unless you ahve spent the last two months under sedation, you'll know what slap I'm talking about — the bone-crunching haymaker which that beastly bounder Simon Pemberton lands on the fair jaw of the sainted Shula. One of the panel members — a fellow of thespian persuasion with impeccable Ambridge connections — reveals the hellish job of capturing on tape a convincing biff. For a full 15 minutes the actors smack themselves on the cheek, but to no avail. The boffins from Special Effexts are brought in and vainly whip their wet haddocks against the chintz cushions. And then, suddenly, inspiration! Simon, aka actor Peter Wingfield, gives his thigh a Bavarian wallop. That's it, cries the sound-recorder. It's in the can!

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