"... a young Welsh toff with a privately educated accent (Peter Wingfield)..."
The Independent, 28 April 1994

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"There's no insurance against dying"
by Paul Bailey
The Guardian
23 July 1994

Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty (BBC 2) is a short and affecting documentary, written and directed by Jeff Morgan for BBC Wales, about the undervalued poet and short-story writer who finally succumbed to the manic depression that dogged him throughout his brief life in Burma in 1944. It contains interviews with his sister, his biographer, John Pikoulis, and the woman he loved in India, Freda Aykroyd. Lewis was a reluctant soldier, and became more and more unhappy the higher he rose in rank. The title comes from his wonderful poem "All Day It Has Rained," part of which is spoken by Peter Wingfield, the actor impersonating him. Death and Beauty ought to lead people to his work, which I hope is still in print.

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