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— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

Wingfield Dr Helm

m i s c e l l a n y


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Does Peter speak Welsh?

Hardly! At Syndicon '97 (in Maryland, US), Peter said:

The only thing I can remember is twill din bob sias [giggle] which uh — Does anyone speak Welsh here? Any English people here? Um, I'm afraid I've just insulted your ancestors. [giggle]

However, when Peter was facing a room of Brits at Chronicles '99 (in Birmingham, England), he said:

I learned Welsh in school. I don't speak it, and I remember less and less. What do I remember? Twill din bob sias [smiles], which means "good health to you all." It's a Welsh toast.

Actually, twill din bob sias means "arseholes to the English"! In the interest of keeping Peter's cute face out of bar brawls in English pubs, here's the real Welsh toast to good health: Iechyd Da, which is pronounced "yeah-chid dar" with the "ch" sounding like the "ch" in loch.

Should you be lucky enough to find yourself in a Cardiff pub with Peter, you might want to order him a beer: Cwrw i fi, os gwelwch yn dda, pronounced "Cooroo ee vee, ohss gooelooch uhn thah." Cwrw is beer and os gwelwch yn dda is a polite please. Be sure to order Brains Dark (a local Cardiff brand), his favorite.

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