"Kind of weird stuff"
— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

Wingfield Dr Helm

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What's Peter's convention wardrobe?

The Emmys. The Oscars. The Grammys. Each year the stars turn out in spades while millions of viewers sit at home, eager to see what outrageous fashions will be on display this time. No one would be caught dead wearing the same outfit on more than one occasion. Obviously, Peter has not quite reached that level of fame yet, as we can see...

Peter wore a pale green shirt and a bright blue shirt at Syndicon in May '97.

A light green shirt... A blue shirt...

Peter wore pale green shirt and a bright blue shirt at Highlander Down Under con in March '98. Photos: (below, left to right) HLDU2 website, Deborah Ogier.

The light green shirt The blue shirt

Peter wore a pale green shirt and a bright blue shirt at Highlander: The Celebration con in April '98.

Once more... Do I sense a pattern here?

Peter wore a pale yellow polo shirt at ACCESS con in August '98. However, that weekend he also wore a shirt that was... bright blue. (And plaid shorts too!) Photos: (below, left to right) Anne Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, Bright Girl, Bright Girl.

Ooo look! A new shirt! Aaarrrggghhhh! The same ol' shirt! Plaid shorts. Nice legs!

That yellow polo shirt showed up again on the Highlander cruise in November '98 (along with the plaid shorts he wore at ACCESS). Photos: (below, left to right) Lemo Gal, Suze.

Deja vu, the yellow shirt Have those shorts been washed since last time?

Since Peter got married again in fall '98, the pale green shirt and bright blue shirt are nowhere to be seen. Instead, Peter has recently popped up in a snazzy new brown shirt (Chronicles in February '99) ...

A brown shirt

... and a cool-looking black sweater (Chronicles and the Gabereau interview). Chronicles photos: Emmanuelle Tesseron.

This is a black sweater This is a black sweater on Gabereau. Any questions?

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