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— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

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What does Peter's astrological sign (Virgo) say about him?

Regarding horoscopes, Peter says, "I never read it and no, I don't believe it!" (Dreamwatch #73) But we won't let that stop us! Here's a description of Virgo:

The Virgoan's mind is always busy; dissecting information, scrutinising it methodically and finally, analysing the whole to make sense and order of it. Virgo sets high standards, and not always trusting others to apply the same criteria, often prefers to work alone in order to get a thing done "just so." Virgoans are also clever with their hands, having a distinct flair for handicrafts of all kinds.

Here is a person concerned with the details, often doing more than is necessary to achieve the deired result. They tend to become worriers, more so when they have to delegate any task as they will then worry about whether the result will be up to the standards they would have applied. They are wonderfully efficient, capable of producing order out of the most spectacular chaos and relishing every moment spent doing so. Like Gemini, Virgoans are suited to a career in communications or the media. That analytical mind excels in investigative journalism, as a critic, or any area where they can utilize Mercury's gift of words and a talent for writing. A position central to the smooth running of a company can be safely left in the hands of a Virgo, who has the ability to run around with a metaphorical oil-can ensuring nothing is left to chance.

In their relationships, Virgoans can be a little restrained and are certainly fastidious about who they choose for a partner. They are generally less forthcoming in demonstrating their feelings than other signs, and need plenty of reassurance before they even think about long term commitment. They need stability in a partner and can suffer a great lack of confidence in themselves if this is not present in their relationship. Being ruled by Mercury means that they can be good friends with a lover too. Once in a well established relationship, Virgoans prove sincere and dependable. They show a great deal of concern for their partner's happiness in caring and practical ways.

Virgo's sign is associated with both work and health; many of the niggling worries that tend to preoccupy them can result in upset stomachs and associated disorders. If they aren't worrying about something external, they'll be focusing on matters inside themselves. The one thing a Virgo should avoid at all costs is a medical dictionary! [Uh-oh, Peter!!!] The other quality asssociated with Virgo is a youthful appearance, and provided they don't worry themselves into premature ageing, their looks are often the envy of their peers.

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