"Kind of weird stuff"
— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

Wingfield Dr Helm

m i s c e l l a n y


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Just how many times has Peter played a doctor anyway?

Talk about karma. He may not have graduated from med school, but it seems Peter is never far away from the medical profession. Can we say typecasting?!

  • med student Alex Taylor (Medics)
  • resident Dr. Giles (Murder Most Horrid)
  • vet Tom Kirby (Noah's Ark)
  • Dr. Benjamin Adams (one of Methos' alter egos, Highlander)
  • medical-researcher-gone-bad Terrence Shepard (Strange World)
  • pharmaceutical company stiff Dwight Borden (The Outer Limits)
  • transvestite psychiatrist Dr. Pat Haig (The Damned Deal)
  • love interest Dr. Robert Helm (Queen of Swords)
  • evil Dr. Rook (First Wave)
  • prison psychologist Dr. David Morris (Night Visions)

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