"... president, king, ruler of the world"
— Peter Wingfield in The Toronto Star, 25 Nov 1998

Wingfield Dr Helm

f i l m o g r a p h y


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Many thanks to Lorraine and Abby for tracking down some of Peter's more obscure roles. For more on Peter's many characters, visit Abby Sims page. Please send any corrections or additional info on Peter's work to me at





Antonia and Jane
TV movie, drama. First professional acting role.

Taxi Driver


Soldier, Soldier
Drama series. Seven episodes; Peter is in 6 episodes.

Lt. Nick Pasco


Drama series. Six episodes in the first series (year 1); Peter is in all 6. Six episodes in the second series (year 2); Peter is in episodes 3-6.

Med student Alex Taylor


The Men's Room
Miniseries, based on a novel by Annie Oakley. Five parts; Peter is in parts 4-5.

Rebellious youth Tom Walton


Six Characters in Search of an Author
TV movie

Fourth Actor... with four lines


Trust Me
TV movie

Whiny yuppie Paul Greaves


Unaired comedy pilot



The Lifeboat
Drama series. Six episodes; Peter is in episode 1, "Troubled Waters."

Welsh wastrel Rufus Myers Lloyd


Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty

Real-life Welsh poet Alun Lewis


Degas and Pissarro Fall out
Half-hour drama

TV producer Philip Smith


Martin Chuzzlewit
Miniseries. Five parts

John Westlock


Nice Day at the Office

Barry, a management consultant


Crocodile Shoes
Miniseries. Seven parts; Peter is in parts 1, 2 and 7.

Drug-dealing, drug-snorting Danny


Murder in Mind
TV movie

Detective Sergeant Pete Dyson


Into the Fire
Drama. Three parts; Peter appears in two short scenes in part 1 as Karl returns home to celebrate his factor-owner father's 20th year in business.

Businessman Karl Candy


A Very Open Prison
Comedy drama

Dominic Casement, assistant to the Home Secretary, a Member of Parliament in charge of prisons


Over Here
Miniseries. Two parts.

Uptight Wing Commander Ian Tully


Highlander: The Series

5000-year-old Immortal Methos and his alter ego Adam Pierson


Murder Most Horrid
Anthology series. Peter is in the episode "A Life or Death Operation."

Giles, a doctor


Noah's Ark
Drama series. Episodes 1-6.

Veterinarian Tom Kirby


The Sentinel
Action-adventure series. Peter is in the episode "Foreign Exchange."

Aussie bad-boy Scott Bruenell


Action-adventure series. Peter is in the episode "About Face." Notorious criminal Giles Seton masterminds a plot to create a Cole look-alike to steal the Defender.

Suave villain Giles Seton


Cold Squad
Police drama series. Fifteen episodes in second season; Peter is in episodes 12-24 and 26. Peter is in the first 2 episodes of the third season.

Homicide Inspector Simon Ross


Strange World
Science-fiction drama. Peter did three episodes but the show was cancelled before they aired.

Duplicitous Terrance Shepard


Cold Feet
Comedy drama. Peter did two episodes but the show was cancelled before the second one aired.

Bestselling self-help author Conrad Gordon


The Outer Limits
Science-fiction anthology series. Peter is in the episode "The Beholder." A blind man regains his sight, discovering he can see an alien woman who is invisible to others.

Pharamaceutical company stiff Dwight Borden (Dwight?!? Ewww...)


The Man Who Used To Be Me
TV movie. Also known as Race Through Time in the UK. A framed police officer risks everything to travel back in time to alter a tragic course of events.

Mark Mason, same type of character as the Outer Limits role, but a much nicer name!


First Wave
Science-fiction drama. Peter is in the episode "Shadowland" (season 3, episode 13). Foster undergoes regression therapy to interpret his nightmares and decode the cryptic messages he has been receiving in his subconscious.

Evil Dr. Rook, not related to Drs. Pawn, Castle, Knight or Bishop


Stargate SG-1
Science-fiction drama. Peter is in the 4th season episodes "Crossroads" and "Exodus" and the 5th season episodes "Between Two Fires" (The Tollans suddenly decide to share weapons technology with SG-1 and the fate of Tollana hangs in the balance as SG-1 strives to solve a mystery on the Tollan home world.) and "48 Hours."

Doomed Hebron of Paragal who swallows a worm and becomes evil Teal'c-taunting Tanith


Queen of Swords
Action-adventure fantasy. Peter has a recurring role.

Pacifist punching bag Dr. Robert Helm


The Chris Isaak Show
Quasi-documentary comedy/drama about a real-life musician. Huh? Peter is in the episode "It's the Music, Stupid."

Smooth-talking auctioneer and antiques expert Denver Lane


Night Visions
Science-fiction/horror anthology a la Twilight Zone. Peter is in the episode "Still Life." A woman's idyllic life is shattered when she's stalked by strangers.

Prison psychologist and perfect husband Dr. David Morris


Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge
Disney Channel TV movie

Frogs turned into Alex, a human golem with a taste for flies


The Wedding Dress
CBS TV movie

Blue-jeaned father of the bride Steve.


The Miracle of the Cards
PAX Network TV movie

Ernie Shergold, a sick kids' dad. Ernie???


Erotica anthology

Don't know yet, but will involve a nude scene!

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