"... president, king, ruler of the world"
— Peter Wingfield in The Toronto Star, 25 Nov 1998

Wingfield Dr Helm

f i l m o g r a p h y


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The list of amateur theater Peter did in school is not complete and only includes those plays Peter has mentioned. Peter has also mentioned doing (too) many Noel Coward plays during his student years.

Many thanks to Lorraine and Abby for tracking down some of Peter's more obscure roles. For more on Peter's many characters, visit Abby Sims page. Please send any corrections or additional info on Peter's work to me at




circa 1974-79
(high school)

Easter passion play

John (the baptist?)


Ondine by Jean Giraudoux
A fairy tale about a knight who falls in love with Ondine, a water sprite

Illusionist, one of the disguises of the King of the Ondines


The Tempest by Shakespeare
Performed at the National Youth Theatre of Wales

Francisco, a lord

circa 1980-82 (university)

The Tooth of Crime by Sam Sheppard
Performed at Oxford Playhouse and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Anarchist rock 'n' roll star Hoss

circa 1982-87
(med school)

Hamlet by Shakespeare

Tortured Danish prince Hamlet


The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Performed at Bart's Drama Studio in London in the spring as the senior med student "folly" production

Transvestite Frank-N-Furter

circa 1979-90
(university or drama school)

King Lear by Shakespeare

Edgar, son of the Earl of Gloucester


Macbeth by Shakespeare

Banquo, a general in Macbeth's army


The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

Shylock, a rich Jewish moneylender


Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare

Tibault (aka Tybalt), Juliet's cousin


The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare

Petrucio, a gentleman of Verona and a suitor to Katharina (the shrew)


Two Gentlemen of Verona by Shakespeare
Performed at the Singapore Drama Festival



A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt

Sir Thomas More (who wasn't Immortal but nevertheless got beheaded...)


Point Valaine by Noel Coward
Performed at Chichester Festival Theatre

Martin Welford


The Rules of the Game by Pirandello
Performed at Almeida Theatre

Marquis and swordmaster Miglioritti


The Game of Love and Chance by Marivaux
Performed at Gloria/Cambridge Theatre Company then a national tour in 1992 then Cottesloe Theatre until April 1993

Durrant (aka Dorante), chauffeur and lover of older women


Waiting for Lefty by Clifford Odets
Performed on March 4 at the Lyttlelton Theatre as part of the National Theatre's NT2000 series of plays

New York City cab drivers Joe Mitchell and Sid Phillips

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