"As to taking heads, come on over, I am ready"
— Peter Wingfield on CompuServe, 9 March 1997

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9 March 1997

Kathy Wagman [MOD]: We will be starting the CO as soon as this message clears the screen, Conference rules are in effect. Welcome to the Highlands! We are having a Formal Conference with Peter Wingfield,who plays the popular character of Methos on Highlander, the Series. Let me check and see if Peter is ready for our first question. Peter, would you like to say hello first?

Peter Wingfield: Hello...Very exciting being on the net.

CatRanch: Peter, when you are in makeup, do they still put a Watcher tattoo on you? We want to know if the writers think Methos is still in the Watchers.

No tattoo, you would have to ask the Watchers if I am still a Watcher.

Mary: Any movie plans?

Possibility of Highlander IV, who knows!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek: Did you know anything about Highlander before you joined the cast? Does that mean there is going to be a Highlander lV?

That's two questions, Derek. ;-) No, to the first. Mmmmmmm... could be, to the second. I know they want to make one.

Jennifer: Peter, was it hard keeping up the intensity in the car scene in "Comes aHorseman"? I heard it took a number of takes. BTW, it came off beautifully.

It didn't take a lot of takes. We did a lot of versions, and it wasn't hard to keep the intesity but it was very tiring.

Kathy Wagman [MOD]: Peter, I think I can safely speak for all of us, it was worth the work. Bravo!

Jacquie: Peter, there was some speculation in the Archers newsgroup that Simon's voice had changed. Can you confirm that you are still playing the deliciously evil Mr Pemberton?

Absolutely, with relish.

Ginger: As a fellow beer lover, I was wondering what Methos' favorite brand of beer is? And what is yours?

Mine is Brains Dark. Methos will drink anything. [Brains is a Cardiff brewery.]

Goddess: Peter, as an actor, what would have been your dream role to have played, looking back across cinematic history? (Lawrence of Arabia, Rick Blaine... Indiana Jones?) In other words, what makes actors salivate at the thought of landing a given part?

Harrison Ford in Star Wars, he's so cool.

Ellen: Peter, I'm curious about Methos' origin. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Phoenician? Or was the blue face in "Horseman" a hint that he was originally a Celt à la Braveheart?

Methos is a bit unclear about his past. He can remember 5000 years, but there may have been many centuries before that he can't remember. I blame the drink.

Cathryn: I guess you already know what a hit your character is to Highlander fans. Methos is so complex. You never know what he'll come up with next. Based on your Highlander work, I think you'd be a fantastic Iago. Any Shakespeare in your future? Or past?

Funnily enough, someone was talking to me about Othello just this week, but I think I am not going to be available. I have played Hamlet, Tibault, Banquo and Petrucio.

Cathryn: Can I ask what the part in question was? (If it's to be in Highlander, you're forgiven for not taking it!)


Shoshana: Have you played a practical joke on Adrian Paul or any of the other cast members?


Shoshana: On who?

Adrian, and that's the end of your questions.

Kathi: Hi Peter! Thanks for being here. Any plans for the immediate future now that Highlander's done filming for the season?

Yes, world domination.

Catses: Um, we just to wonder, do you LIKE silly stuffs?

Yes, especially bells and ribbons. Listen you can hear them.

Catses: ::bouncing:: Yay!!!!!!!! Ooh, we mess up writes, we glad yu get bells.

Oh dear. I'm gonna get a bucket load of bells and ribbons.

Catses: Nonono just those. Put them in your hair.

They are in my ear.

Catses: On earring, you mean?

No in ear.

Bruce: How detailed is the choreography you are given, as opposed to that for Adrian Paul or a guest, for the fight scenes?

Fight choreography [is] always very precise. Ask Adrian what happens when you improvise.

Bruce: All I've heard about is a back muscle pull.

Mary: Peter, I do love Methos' character development this season. Do you have much input, and what is your favorite episode this season?

Yes, I say his lines. "Horsemen" and "Rev."

Mary: Thanks. BTW, we missed you at The Gathering in Denver.

I missed you to but the convention came to be in a box. Er, be = me.

Kathy Wagman [MOD]: Peter, a little birdie tells me I should ask you about a sixth season?? Is there something you can tell us?!?


Kathy Wagman [MOD]: (Twisting Peter's arm gently) Tell? Please?

Can't type with a twisted arm.

Kathy Wagman [MOD]: Is this man playing the moment or what, folks?

There WILL definitely be a 6th Season. No details as to who will be in it or how many episodes or where they will be filmed.

Joan: Kat, you just asked my first question so I'll use my back-up. Do you ever lurk in any Highlander or PWFC on-line areas?

Classfied information.

Alita: Is there going to be any interesting or unique things with Methos in upcoming eps?

Yes depends on what you saw last, but there is more. Including a poetic flashback.

CatRanch: Peter, what does your wife think about the pictures the PWFC took in that photo session? Did Elizabeth Gracen pick on you about them like she said she would at the Denver convention?

She's seen it before. She wasn't that impressed.

Yes, she did savagely, but I think an Amanda version is on it's way.

Derek: If there is another movie, will it combine the TV series and the original movie, or just you guys? Would you know where and when the next Highlander convention is?

Good to talk to you again, Derek, but the counting to two is not going so well.

That's what they want to do, I understand. Syndicon, I think.

Gwen: What direction would you like to see Methos going? As in more exploration in dark side of character? Or maybe his own series?

Definitly his own series, maybe with the 68 wives.

Kate: Hi Peter! I have a multi-part question. In "Revelation 6:8," while in the submarine base, Methos reads a book and then lays it open on top of the swords lying on the table. Was the book a Bible? If so, are you aware of the symbolism of a Bible and sword? Who invented this bit of business?

No, it was Shakespeare, a book my grandfather gave me. No. It was my idea as the scene was about drama.

George: Obviously flashbacks are a big part of Highlander. Will we see flashbacks regarding the past of Methos? Would you like to see this happen? When are we going to see you chopping some heads off?

Yes, we will see Methos flashbacks soon. As to taking heads, come on over, I am ready.

Kathy Wagman [MOD]: Peter, careful. George is close by where you are now.

I'm tougher than I look.

Neil: If you could choose to live in any time period, which would it be and why?

In the future because it would mean I had a long life ahead of me.

Okay guys I need to go. Very exciting to talk to you all. See you soon. 'Night.

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